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Casino Euro
  • Great news from one of NetEnts finest casinos, you can play Casino Euro on your iPhone, iPad or Android right now! This is fantastic news for all of you that like to play on the go or just while relaxing with a tablet on your lap. There are actually a better range of games here for IPhone, Android and iPad users then there are at other mobile casinos available. On the iPhone or iPad and Android you can play progressive jackpots meaning you could become a millionaire in a matter of seconds. 

    Imagine that you are broke and waiting for a bus, you have a quick game of Mega Moolah or Major Millions, bang, your rich, you don't want to get on the bus, where is my limo???! I'm not exaggerating by the way, the current jackpot at the time of writing this article for Mega Moolah is approximately one and a half million dollars and still growing second by second. The jackpot for Major Millions at the time of this article is not that high at the moment as someone has recently won it (bear in mind that when I say not that high I am still talking in the hundreds of thousands region) and that's high to me! 

    Other great games you can play differ in the respect that some are only available for iPad and iPhone users and the others are compatible with Android phones and tablets. If you are Apple mad and have an i product then you can play the progressive slots I have already covered, Mermaids Millions, Eldorado, Dragons Fortune, Bingo Bonanza, Jacks or Better, Roulette, Blackjack, Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck and Jack Hammer. If you are not on the Apple side (perhaps that episode of South Park really put you off) then games you can play are also obviously the progressive slots that we have covered, Mermaids Millions, Tomb Raider, Jacks or Better, Thunderstruck, Dragons Fortune, Bingo Bonanza, Roulette and Blackjack. 

    You will notice that a lot of the aforementioned games are available for all tablet and smart phone users, all of you casino fans know what great games Blackjack and Roulette are so lets cover a few of the slots that you can play whether you have an iPhone, iPad or and Android product. There are already some fantastic Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck details reviews written on our site in the articles section. I know they are fantastic as they were written by yours truly so lets go for Mermaids Millions. 

    There are five reels and fifteen pay lines in this slots game and a couple of awesome bonus rounds. This slot as the name of the game suggests has an underwater theme, Sexy mermaids and and hunky sea men! You can bet up to five coins on each pay line in Mermaids Millions and during play be sure to look out for the Poseidon symbol as this acts as the wild. The bonus rounds confront you with the choice of treasure chests. If you choose correctly you can bag yourself 10 free spins and get your winnings multiplied by 3. Enjoy going mobile with Casino Euro and Free-Lucky-Casino! 

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