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RTG software
  • Real Time Gaming, one of the comparatively few casino software suppliers in operation that allow players from the U.S.A, let's rejoice! Aside from the pro point of allowing U.S players , Real Time Gaming or RTG software as it is known for short is user friendly and superbly stylish without being unnecessarily flashy. The Real Time Gaming Free-Lucky-Casino recommends is the luxurious Grand Parker. RTG have been in operation since 1998. Originally there product was download only but they have since evolved to offer a non download flash version of their casinos in addition to this. The only disadvantage of the flash version is that they don't offer as many games. However, I would recommend the flash version if you are just testing the waters. Once you find an RTG casino you really want to play at then why not download the client for future easy access. Also the client downloads really quickly, go to put the kettle on and you might miss it!

    Once you are in an RTG lobby whether the flash or downloaded full version the navigation is very user friendly. The different types of games are clearly labelled and you also have the option of easily viewing all games. RTG offer a supremely cool point and click feature which you can use while playing the games as well as in the lobby.  Point and click refers to what you should do with your mouse. So for example if you want to play Roulette just click on it once you have pointed at it and you will be quickly transported to your very own Roulette game. This point and click feature is so handy that you will begin to miss it when you are playing at non RTG casinos. Once you are in the games the cool features continue. You can adjust the size  of your screen and the volume of the dealer and other sounds effects to your preference, mine is mute! You can also adjust the speed of your games, for example how fast the cards are dealt or how slowly the Roulette wheel spins. I love these cool little extras as it means you can really personalise your gaming experience and even do things that you can't do in a real life bricks and mortar casino. If you are feeling lazy you can even just stick on the auto play feature!
    Slots fans are in for a treat playing with Real Time Gaming as there are literally hundreds of them to choose from. They also offer something unique in the form of random jackpots. RTG random jackpots are progressive jackpots with a twist. Unlike regular progressive jackpots where you have to win on the fruit machine to pick up the grand prize, these jackpots are simply given out at random! You can win at any time just by playing. Video Poker fans will be delighted with RTG Casinos too as they offer some of the highest paybacks for this game. RTG also offer an excellent amount of variations on Video Poker as well as table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Another great thing about RTG is they usually have an awesome range of bonus codes by not check out our exclusive bonus codes we offer that are only for Free-Lucky-Casino players by selecting Real Time Gaming in our drop down software menu in the directory, enjoy!

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