Neteller Payment Method Review

Neteller ewallet
  • Neteller is actually my favourite ewallet, like other ewallets your Neteller account allows you to transfer your funds to your account conveniently from either a credit card or directly from your bank account. You can then get funds paid from Neteller in the same way or via your Net plus card which I will come back to later. You may be wondering why should I use Neteller at all? Why not cut out the middle man and just deposit to a casino directly from your credit or debit card. Did you know that some casinos actually give you a recurring deposit bonus as high as 10% or 15% just for using an ewallet to make your purchases. That seems to be incentive to me! The Casino which accepts Neteller as a payment option that Free-Lucky-Casino recommends is Virgin

    Neteller offers accounts in a vast range of currencies as they are one of the most popular ewallets, this also means that there is a high deposit and withdrawal limit. This funds option is prefect for high rollers as they even have a V.I.P version of their accounts so if you qualify they will be in touch about upgrading your account automatically. Both accounts are free to use so there are no negative points to upgrading your account should you need to. 

    Opening a Neteller account is ever so simple and quick. The part of the process that takes the longest is getting properly verified, this I feel is a good thing as it shows how secure Neteller actually is This is also evident by the fact that when you use it you have an account number, a secure ID and a log in. So how to you deposit to Neteller via a credit card or your bank account? Well, the first stage is associating your account and/or card to your Neteller account. Once you have input your details and they have securely verified them they will be saved for ease of future transactions. All details are encrypted so there are never shown in full, even to you when you log into your account. Once the accounts are associated, depositing through this medium is literally as easy as clicking a button. Thankfully, the withdrawal process is the same so you are just a click away of cashing out your lovely winnings. You also have the option of getting a cheque sent to you and for withdrawal at Neteller you get my favourite option of all, the Net plus card. The Net plus card is basically Netellers own Mastercard. As it’s an official Mastercard this means you can use it for various online shopping in addition to physical withdrawals at ATM's.

    Aside from the card other advantages of using Neteller as a payment option are the awesome promotions that they hold. Neteller have a rewards scheme which gives you a ton of benefits. Giveaways include a refer a friend scheme and other prizes including cash. The only downside to Neteller is that unfortunately U.S citizens can not currently use it. So if you are not in the U.S.A then I definitely recommend Neteller. Hopefully one day U.S citizens will be able to use it too.

    Our recommended casino which accepts Neteller is 777 Dragon Casino

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