Paysafecard Payment Method Review

Paysafecard prepaid card
  • What are paysafecards? Cards that allow you to pay for things safely one would assume! Let’s investigate further... Paysafecards unlike a lot of other ewallet options are actual physical cards that you can buy in shops. Finding out what shops sell them is a simple process as the official paysafe website has a nifty feature called the outlet finder where you type in your location and the most convenient places where you can shop for these cards are clearly displayed. The casino that Free-Lucky-Casino recommends that accepts paysafecard is River Nile. You can buy these cards in varying sums from 10 Euros to 100 Euros or their equivalent in your local currency. Once you have bought your card(s) you will receive a 16 number PIN. This PIN is what you will type from your cards into the computer to spend! You can utilise as many as ten different paysafecards at any one time. 

    As well as a number of online casinos accepting paysafe as a deposit option, over 3500 different shops also do so you will never be short of options when it comes to spending your funds. The whole process from purchase to spend is really simple. However, if you are still unsure or would like some additional guidance then there is a step by step video guide on their official website. You might be wondering if this payment option is free. Well, they are free for regular users and free for a year. The only time you will ever have to pay for your cards is if you still haven't spent all of your funds in over 12 months and even then there is only a very small minimal fee of 2 Euros or equivalent. When you need to find out how much money you have remaining on your cards all you have to do is enter the PIN on the official site and your balance will be clearly displayed in an instant. 

    I don't know about you but one of the biggest factors which influences my decision when it comes to choosing an appropriate payment option is security. Paysafe are as eager as you for their method to be secure which is why they have provided a number of tips which are as follows. Always keep your physical cards safe the same as you would your cash in fact if it helps start to think of them as cash as they fulfill the same purpose. Only purchase your cards at registered shops to make sure they are the genuine article. There aren't many fradulent cards knocking around but the few that exist are mostly bought from fake paysafe websites so only use the official site to check your facts and only use physical shops for purchasing. The other anti fraud tips relate to finance in general. Don't exchange money with people on forums who guarantee you the cash back via another payment method nomatter what the sob story! If you do happen to lose your card then you can ring their support and they will cancel it immediately. If you like the idea of a prepaid option then Paysafe might be the way to go for you however unfortunately Paysafe is not available for U.S residents.

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