Entropay Payment Method Review

Entropay prepaid card
  • You may not have think you have heard of Entropay but I'm sure you will of heard of Visa. Entropay works in association with Visa. In many respects Entropay works exactly like a Visa card in the sense that you can spend online using Entropay anywhere you see the Visa symbol. However the major differences between this payment method and Visa is the fact thats its virtual and most importantly the fact that’s its prepaid. The casino that accepts Entropay as a payment method that Free-Lucky-Casino recommends is Maple

    Having a prepaid card is a great way to manage your money and ensure that you never spend more than you want to. If this thought appeals to you then let me give you the run down of how to get one. First you have to create an account on the Entropay website. This process is really quick and simple though. The next step is to fund that baby! You can do this by loading money onto it from any of your chosen bank cards, all major cards are accepted as Entropay is a solid payment method. That's it! Steps over the final stage is just to have fun spending, whether you want a few spins on slots or the roulette table at an online casino or whether you want to buy some new shoes online. You can spend Entropay everywhere you can spend Visa. If you see the Visa icon you know that you are good to go. 

    If you like the idea of this payment method but you miss the convenience of being able to us ATM's then the Entropay prepaid Mastercard might be a suitable option for you. You can use it like a regular visa or debit card at cash points or in shops with chip and pin. If you have some generous pals then they can conveniently transfer you cash through Entropay also. Another point of convenience is that you can pay for services over the phone the same way as Visa so why not order an Entropay pizza! Other plus points include no fees, no interest and no deposit, totally free the way it should be. You shouldn't have to spend money to spend money! 

    One of the most important aspects of your selected payment method is definitely security. Entropay pride themselves on their security. They do not reveal any card numbers or any other potential factors that could put your funds at risk. They have an active anti fraud team who are always on the lookout for phishing and other illegal scams. Another plus point is if you have made a few financial mistakes of your own in the past and you don't have a great credit record then you can still use Entropay. They don't carry out any credit checks. As its pre paid your financial history is irrelevant. Entropay is currently available in seven different languages and currencies and be converted to other currencies quickly and easily. This is a great plus point for those high flyers that are always travelling. Sending cash between countries is easy but also safe as their security team are always on the lookout for hackers. Unfortunately U.S citizens can not currently use Entropay.

    A place to play with accepts Entropay which Free-Lucky-Casino recommends is Maple Casino

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