Batman Slots Review

Batman Slots Review
  • Originally drawn in 1939, Batman has proved to be so popular he has since spawned his own comic books, films, television programmes, cartoons, games and various other merchandise. You can now play Batman slots at Lucky Nugget Casino.

    The story of Batman goes something like this... Batman is the alter ego of an incredibly rich tycoon Bruce Wayne. Bruce had to witness the horrible murder of his parents when he was a child which led him to devote his life to fighting crime. In order to make the world a better place Bruce trains hard physically and mentally and for some reason he also wears a bat costume. Apparently, the bat costume is down to the fact that he was also traumatised by bats as a child so he is projecting this fear onto his enemies. Bruce lives in a fictional place called Gotham City and has a trusty sidekick called Robin. Batman has a series of enemies including The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. The Joker is an eccentric psychopath who has the appearance of a demented clown. The Penguin is one of Batmans oldest enemies, hes a bit of a mobster with a twist. Firstly he has a love of penguins and secondly he has some pretty high tech umbrellas, this character is certainly unique! The Riddler is an insane character obsessed with puzzles and riddles, he commits crimes which prove his own intelligence and is constantly trying to outsmart Batman. Poison Ivy and Catwoman are the female enemies. Poison Ivy is a femme fatale eco terrorist. She is obsessed with protecting the environment and she uses natural poisons to achieve her aims. Catwoman on the other hand has less moral motives, she is a cat burglar. This character is complex as she has a love hate relationship with Batman. Batman hates what Catwoman stands for but at times he still find her sexy charms hard to resist. One of the reason Batman fans adore him so much is the fact that he is the only super hero without any super powers. 

    Now you are familiar with the story (although you probably were already) lets move onto the Batman slots game. The are four reels and fifty paylines and symbols you will encounter include the man himself, the batman logo, the Joker, the commissioner and loads of his bat gadgets like the batmobile, batsignal and batcycle. The graphics are in the DC comic style so hardcore batman fans will be happy this slots game is doing it justice. The wild symbol is Batman and the scatter symbol is the batman logo. If the commissioner symbol and the batman symbol appear on reels one and five you will trigger the respins where all payouts are doubled. The bonus feature in Batman slots is something special, you act as Batman to defeat the Joker to win up to 100 x your triggering bet and even if you don't win that you get a consolation prize. Being Batman beyond just fighting crime it seems, happy spinning and hopefully winning from Free-Lucky-Casino!

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