Superman Slots Review

Superman Slots Review
  • Although he might not look it, Superman is old. He was created by two men called Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster way back in 1932. Since the creation of Superman his character has gone from strength to strength. Superman became so hugely successful that since he was immortalised in comic book form he has also spawned television and radio shows, films, computer games and various other merchandise. Superman continues to be popular to this day and is definitely considered one of (if not the) ultimate super heroes. You can play Superman slots right now at Sky Vegas Casino

    So where did Superman come from aside from being drawn. The character wasn't born on Earth, he hails from a planet called Krypton. Krypton was about to be destroyed so Superman's scientist father transported him to Earth. When he hit Earth as a baby he was discovered and subsequently adopted by a Kansas farmer and wife. They raised Superman as Clark Kent and instilled him with strong ethics and morals. It was when Superman started displaying superhuman abilities that his adopted parents realised he was no ordinary child. Superman's amazing powers include being able to fly, possessing super human strength, super speed and X ray vision. From this description it would be sensible to assume that Superman would be pretty tough to beat. However, Superman does possess one weakness, a substance called Kryptonite. Kryptonite is a radioactive material which hails from his home planet Krypton. If Superman comes into contact with Kryptonite he suffers nausea, pain and would eventually die. There is only one thing that can protect Superman from Kryptonite and thats lead. However, in another twist lead is the one thing that Superman can not see through with his X Ray vision. Now you know the background to Superman lets move onto the slots review. 

    Its important to note that Superman slots is officially licensed by DC comics so you are assured quality. Symbols you can play with whilst playing Superman slots include Superman himself who acts as the wild symbol and the Superman logo acts as the scatter symbol. Other symbols include Supermans love interest Louis Lane, his nemesis Lex Luther, Clark Kents glasses (which act as a disguise for his alter ego) and kryptonite. Superman has four reels and fifty paylines. The game caters for high rollers and fun players alike with coin denominations ranging from  0.01 to 20.00. The symbol you really want to look out for is Superman himself  as he offers the biggest jackpot of 10,000 coins. Furthermore, he also has the ability to double payouts and activate the free games feature where you can play with 10 free spins. With regards to the scatter symbol (the Superman logo) you will receive a payout when you spot two or more of these symbols on the reels. What you really want to appear though is three or more scatters to trigger the save the world bonus round. This bonus round is full of action, Superman bravely flies through a meteor shower only to be cruelly attacked by missiles fired by his arch enemy Lex Luther. Its your job to destroy these missiles and meteors in order to save Batman. Once you have completed this mission you will be faced with three lead lined doors to choose from. Be careful what you choose though as behind one door is kryptonite which will signal the end of your journey. Another door will lead to room containing hostages which you can make Superman save in order to win more prizes. The door you really want though is the one with Lex Luther behind it, if you can capture him to can win 100 x your bet! 

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