Transformers Slots Review

Transformers Slots Review
  • Transformers! What do we really know about them other than the fact that they are robots in diguise? Well I know you can play Transformers right now at Virgin Casino and there is actually a massive back story attached to transformers after all haven't you ever wondered what they actually are? What better place to start than the beginning... The transformers were created by a life force energy that was able to give machines life. These machines were divided into two groups, some transformers powered by the force of good and others by the force of evil. The good guys were called the autobots and led by Optimus Primes and the baddies are the decepticons led by the dastardly Megatron. The autobots and the deceptions fought centuries of wars moving from planet to planet until the autobots eventually settled on Earth. It was here that they befriended humans so they had extra incentive to defend our planet when the decepticons continually try and attack. 

    Transformers has a huge fan base, both young and old, mostly male but then again who doesn't love robots? Software giants Cryptologic have now developed their very own transformer slot. There are twenty five pay lines in this slot and be sure to watch out for the wilds in this one as they can multiply your winnings. When the wilds show up on the second and fourth reels they will expand making the whole reel wild. When you are lucky enough to get the special cybertron wild on the third reel you can get your winnings multiplied by ten! This cybertron wild can also appear at the same time as the transforming wild making the pay outs huge! Keep an eye on the first and fifth reel for our hero Optimus Prime and the transformer we love to hate, Megatron. When these guys show up here at the same time battle will commence! If you bet correctly on who wins this big battle then you could win as much as 3250 additional credits. If you select the correct transformer then you can get a massive 100 free spins. The graphics of this fight are amazing by the way so this is real treat for fans of the original film or cartoons. 

    If you are new to slots then here is a quick explanation of how to bet. The line button is where you control how many lines you want to bet on, you can use the plus and minus buttons to select your choice. You can also use theses buttons on the line bet which is where you choose the amount of cash that you want to bet. Max bet is a must button if you want to win the jackpot and bet the highest amount and the play button is self explanatory, press it to play. My only word of warning for this slot is with regards to the ultimate battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron. Optimus Prime is the hero so don't always be tempted to choose him as each transformers have an equal chance of winning. Overall, this is a great slot and a must for fans of action, nostalgia and free spins. Give this slot a go today and good luck from Free-Lucky-Casino!

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