Star Trek Slots Review

Star Trek Slots Review
  • Star Trek is a science fiction phenomenon. Even if you are not a trekkie yourself you must be aware of its hardcore cult following. Star Trek is so huge it has spawned dozens of television series, cartoons, films, games, books, conventions and even museums. You can play Star Trek slots right now at Virgin Casino. In true Sci Fi style, Star trek is set in space, it follows the various adventures of Captain Kirk and his space crew who consist of both humans and aliens. What has made Star trek so popular is that as well as the stories being filled with action they also hold strong moral messages and explore philosophical ideas. As well as addressing universal ideas, Star Trek story lines also often reflected what was going on at the time in terms of sociological and political issues. Whether you love Star Trek for its covert commentary on society or just the funny looking aliens who shoot guns you are sure to love Star Trek slots. 

    Star Trek slots is powered by NetEnt who are the pioneers of so many big name slots nowadays. Slot lovers who wanted the big names used to be limited to Microgaming software but those days are definitely over. Star Trek slots has thirty pay lines and a massive four free spins bonus rounds, this will definitely please slots fans but the part that will really please Star Trek fans is the fact that each bonus round is based on a different Star Trek officer. The first free spins bonus game is dedicated to the famous half Vulcan captain himself. The Spock symbol in Star Trek slots is wild and he can really increase the value of the amount of free spins you will receive. The next bonus round is dedicated to the one time love interest of Spock, fellow Captain... Uhura! If you get three or more of the beautiful Uhara symbols or wilds anywhere on your reels when you are playing then you are in for the intergalactic treat of super scatter awards to enhance your free spins. Now for the next bonus round, all of us have heard the phrase 'Beam me up Scotty.' Whether or not you actually know who Scotty is all you really need to know in this slot is that he comes with a massive 10 free spins and multilpies your wins x 5! After the 5th of the 10 free spins that Scotty gives you he will double your multiplier for the other 5 spins. The nest thing about all the bonuses in Star Trek slots is that they can be triggered multiple times, Wahey! 

    There are some cool features in this game including the auto spin feature. Auto spin could be considered both lazy and pro active at the same time. The auto play feature is basically for those of us that don't like to keep pressing spin. The fact that this option is available is one advantage that online casinos have over bricks and mortar casinos. Whether or not you see it is lazy is up to you. I personally see it as a time saving feature which allows you to get on with your business whilst playing and potentially becoming rich at the same time. Whether or not you use the auto play feature have fun and be lucky from Free-Lucky-Casino

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