Spiderman Slots Review

Spiderman Slots Review
  • Spiderman is yet another marvellous creation from Marvel. You can play Spiderman at Virgin Casino. This alternative superhero was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962. The reason so many Spiderman fans identify with him as they were and are also awkward teenagers struggling to come to terms with changes in their body and other pains of growing up. If you thought you had it tough with puberty then try shooting spider webs out of your hands! It isn't all bad though as Spiderman also possesses super agility, strength and speed. Spidermans alter ego is your not so average nerd Peter Parker. Peters life was relatively normal until he got bit by a radioactive spider whilst on a school trip. It was then that he started to display these strange spider like symptoms. Like other superheroes he chose to use these powers for good and created an alternative identity for himself which he hid by wearing a costme, in this case a red and black spider themed outfit. It is bound to please all slots and Spiderman fans alike that you can play Spiderman slots online!

    Powered by Cryptologic Spiderman slots has five reels and twenty five pay lines  of action. There are a wide range of coin denominations in this slot so there is something to please everyone. They range from 0.01 to 5.00 meaning you can bet up to $125 on just one spin! This game is just as action packed as you would expect from a Marvel film or comic with wilds, scatters and a bunch of bonuses. The actual Spiderman symbol in this slot is wild and he will only appear on the second and fourth reel, as well as substituting for the scatter the Spiderman icon can also trigger the bonus rounds. This isn't the only icon to watch out for here though, the venom is this slot is not deadly at all, in fact its great news as when you get five venom icons in on any active pay line you can win a massive 5000 coin jackpot. You can also get a not too shabby 1000 coin pay out for hitting five of the beautiful Mary Jane symbols. FYI she is Spiderman's love interest. Now, back to the bonus games we briefly touched on earlier... Once you get the    Spiderman symbols you need you will be transported to a very special selection screen. Here you will get to choose your own bonus, the choice is between free spins and what they term the venom bonus. The free spins are basically fifteen free rounds which all pay outs doubled. If you want to opt for the venom bonus then things get a bit more complex, in a fun way though! In the venom bonus you get a really cool 3D animation of Spiderman swinging about town trying to rescue Mary Jane. Its up to you to decide which way he goes, there are loads of different outcomes depending on the route you choose. For example, you could end up in a fight with the enemy Venom, you could end up solving a crime or you could just reach a dead end. Aim for the fight though as this will give you the biggest winnings! Overall, I really enjoyed this slot and its definitely one of the better Marvel slots so I hope you enjoy it to. Be lucky from Free-Lucky-Casino!

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