Scrooge Slots Review

Scrooge Slots Review
  • Bahhh Humbug! We all say it but do we all know where it comes from? This famous quote was uttered by a chap named Ebenezer Scrooge. Did you know you can now play Scrooge slots at ComeOn Casino. Now more about the main man...Scrooge is the central character in the classic Charles Dickens story, a Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol is a tale that is so popular to this day that you might find it hard to believe that it was first published back in 1843. The story of a Christmas carol is about Scrooge, the man that hates Christmas, bahhh humbug! Scrooge harbours so much resentment towards Christmas as it represents everything he cannot abide such as kindness, generosity and charity. Scrooge isn't one to suffer in silence and he makes his feelings towards the festive season well know spreading his negativity wherever he goes. His attitude wasn't likely to change until  he went through an extraordinary series of events. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by a spirit named Marley's ghost who warns Ebenezer to change his lifestyle or there will be dire consequences of a miserable afterlife. This is only the first spooky experience that Ebenezer will encounter as he goes on to be visited by another three ghouls. The first of these three is the ghost of Christmas past who transports Scrooge back into his own childhood to remind him of a time where he wasn't so emotionally cold and it was in fact events in his own life that had made him this way. The second spooky spirit to drop in is the ghost of Christmas present who takes Ebenezer to a range of scenes where other people are enjoying Christmas. The most poignant scene that he is taken to is to a house where a local boy named tiny Tim lives. Tiny time is the son of one of Scrooge's employees. Due to the fact that his father isn't paid a fair wage poor Tim cannot afford medical treatment he desperately needs. The third and final ghost is the ghost of christmas to come, he shows him what will happen if Scrooge continues on the same mean path he is currently on. This scene also shows the eventual death of tiny Tim. All of these spooky encounters do the trick and Scrooge immediately changes his ways and is transformed into a loving kind man who treats tiny Tim.

    As well as just being a classic Christmas tale, critics have also credited this story as being a social commentary on nineteenth century capitalism. If you don't want to delve too deep and just love the story then why not have a play with Scrooge slots powered by Net Entertainment. This fruit machine has five reels and a whopping fifty pay lines. If you love the story you will love this slot as it features all the most famous characters from the story. This fruit machine is more generous than Scrooge after his transformation. You will get more than the turkey he buys for tiny Tim and his family as the maximum pay outs are 50,000 coins in the regular game, 5000 coins on the bonus round and 100,000 coins on the free spins. The main pull of this pokie is when you click on winning icons you either add a free spin to your counter or a day to your calendar which in keeping with the theme, counts down until Christmas Day. When the calendar hits the 25th of December you will be awarded the number of free spins that you have accumulated thus far. If this wasn't cool enough your winnings will also get doubled and there are an additional two bonus rounds filled with multipliers. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to win here all contained within a nostalgic Christmas theme. Enjoy from Free-Lucky-Casino

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