Bloodsuckers Slots Review

Bloodsuckers Slots Review
  • Vampires! They seem to be everywhere nowadays don't they? Not literally as that would be terrifying but they seem to be permanently gracing our television and cinema screens. If you are interested in hearing more of my wit then continue with this review. If you just want to play Vampire slots then skip here to play at ComeOn Casino.

    So what do we know about vampires, well they sleep in coffins, don't like garlic, suck peoples blood and live forever. Lets get a bit more in depth. The concept of vampires actually dates back to prehistoric times. Nowadays with the rise of Twilight vampires have become a bit of a laughing matter but they were no laughing matter in Europe in the 18th century when people were being falsely accused of being a vampire and actually getting a stake through the heart. It was because of vampire literature that the public perception of them became what it is known to be today. Obviously the most famous piece of vampire inspired literature is undoubtedly Bramstoker's Dracula. It was only a matter of time before someone brought out a really decent vampire themed slot. The software developer that first managed this feat is Net Entertainment when they released Bloodsuckers. 

    Bloodsuckers goes for the traditional vampire approach as opposed to the more modern True Blood style. There is garlic, blood and vampire bats, everything you would expect really in terms of the icons and images which suits me! There are five reels in Bloodsuckers and twenty five pay lines. The coin denomination ranges from 2 Euros a pay line and up to a whopping 50 Euros per spin and you can bet up to four coins on each pay line. When you get at least three scatters you will trigger the awesome free spins round where they will award you with 10 of them worth x 3 the amount you have bet. The scatter in Bloodsuckers is a vampire bride icon. These spins can also be retriggered an unlimited amount of times. If you get at least three spooky coffins then you trigger another bonus game. This bonus game is awesome as it transports you to a ghoulish burial lair full of  eerie coffins. Its your job to act like Buffy and open the coffins individually to kill the vampires. Every time you successfully destroy one you will win money. This round comes to a conclusion when one coffin is opened by you to reveal bats instead. The final special icon you need to look out for during play is the hammer and stake icon as a minimum of three of these will also award you with a bonus. 

    Overall, Bloodsuckers is a thrill, it has the right balance between spooky and fun so horror fans will love this one and it will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween! Enjoy Bloodsuckers with Free-Lucky-Casino.

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