X Men Slots Review

X Men Slots Review
  • The X Men! If you are not interested in reading the review and just want to play then go for it here at Casino Joy. If you want to here more then read on! If like myself you are not a comic book geek then you might have heard of them yet still not have a clue who they are exactly. X Men are another famous Marvel creation thought by Stan Lee and brought to life by the artist Jack Kirby. The premise of X Men is a professor named Professor Xavier who trained some mutants to use their super human powers for the good of humanity. The X men are not all men and they consist of Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl. 

    Beast is one of the original members of the X Men squad. He is named Beast because of his appearance. Beast doesn't look human, he has fur, claws, fans and giant hands and feet. The super power that Beast possesses is super strength. He isn't all brawn though as he is also a great science and maths whizz. What this dude doesn't know about genetics and biochemisty just isn't worth knowing. Next up is Angel or Warren Kenneth Worthington the third as he is formally known. Warren has the nickname Angel due to the fact that he has wings! Perhaps its his angelic appearance which leads to his arrogance or it could be down to the fact that he is the CEO of a multi billion dollar company. The next member of the team is Cyclops. This guy doesn't just have a mutant cyclops appearance, he has a very useful mutant cyclops appearance! He can blast a powerful beam from between his eyes and is also the leader of the bunch. In fact the professor plays favourites and Cyclops is the favoured one of the group. Cyclops is a natural leader, probably a Leo if the X Men creators were into Astrology. Cyclops is one of those annoying people that is generally good at everything. The next member of the crew is Iceman. Iceman can freeze anything to ice including himself like an uber version of Sub Zero. Last but not least is Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl is hot so its typical that she has had an intriguing relationship with her husband Cyclops over the years. Marvel girls full name is Jean Grey Summers and her super powers are pretty badass. Not only is she telepathic but she also has telekinesis. She has also died numerous times but is somehow still alive and kicking! You don't get much more badass than that. Now you know the gang lets move onto the slot. 

    X Men slots is another Marvel slot from Cryptologic. If you love Marvel then Cryptologic is definitely the place to play as they offer a wide variety of comic book heroes to play with. X Men slots has five reels and twenty five pay lines. This fruit machine offers a great jackpot with a reward of 10,000 coins for 5 wilds. This isn't the only way you can win, when your characters spin to reveal an X patten you will win 5 x the amount you bet. At least three X Men logos will trigger a free bonus game which is really fun. There are two parts to this bonus game, the Villains mode and the Heroes mode. The Heroes mode is unlimited free spins but if you get an extra wild on the third reeling during this play the Villains mode will be initiated. In this mode you only get 8 free spins but if the Xavier icon appears before the eighth spin you will go back  to Heroes mode again, yay. There are also four progressive random jackpots in this fruit machine so they are giving you plenty of avenues to win cash! If you get lucky on the bonus round then you get awesome value for money on this pokie as the round can last ages. X Men slot is definitely worth checking out even if you are not an X Men fan. Enjoy from Free-Lucky-Casino. 

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